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Pictures of animals, birds, reptiles and trees from Africa

Pictures of animals and pictures of reptiles taken in South Africa. The pictures of animals, pictures of birds, pictures of trees and reptile pictures will give you an idea of the wildlife living on this beautiful game ranch in the Limpopo Province.
The Ranch was a cattle ranch that has been returned to the wild.
Pictures of Sable Bulls fighting.

All animals are wild and live in their natural habitat. African animal pictures will be changed and new pictures added regularly. There are pictures of many of the antelope found in South Africa as well as pictures of birds, pictures of reptiles, and pictures of trees. The sunset pictures show the beauty of Africa at sunset.

New - Pictures of Jack Russell Puppy.

Don't miss the python photos! There are pictures of an impala ewe that was swallowed by a rock python.

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Visit this new Stock Photography site with realistic images by South African photographers.
Pictures that depict the variety of South African flora, fauna, holiday destinations and people.

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