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Pictures of Sable Antelope (Hippotragus niger niger)
animal pictures, Sable
animal pictures, Sable bull
The Sable antelope diet is mostly grass, Sable will browse occasionally. These herd animals are usually led by a cow. Sable are very aggressive and will defend themselves and their young against most predators such as lions and leopards.
Sable bulls drive younger bulls out of the herd during the mating season and sometimes a bull will be killed during a fight.
Gestation is nine months. Calves are usually born between February and March and will be weaned at about six months.

Picture of sable bull's horns.

When wounded, a Sable will lie on the ground and sweep aggressively with its horns. When showing aggression, Sable bulls, brush their horns against trees branches. The massive ridges on the horns make a rasping noise.

Nature Photography Sable

Pictures of Sable Bulls fighting
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